What Material are your Body Kits made of?

All our body kits and spoilers, unless otherwise specified, are manufactured from the highest quality Fibreglass molds and carry a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against any manufacturing defects.
(Damage caused by collision or incorrect fitment are not covered by the warranty). Our body kits are either unique, original designs or replicas. We in no way or means imply or claim that our kits are “Original OEM” products.

Why Fibreglass?

Fibreglass is low cost to manufacture and low cost to repair in the event of an accident in comparison to plastic bumpers and spoilers, which are extremely expensive to manufacture and cannot be repaired once torn or cracked, but instead need to be replaced.
Our Fibreglass products are manufactured with 2-3 layers of fibreglass. This ensures adequate strength while still light and flexible …  minimizing cracking when lightly bumped.

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