Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you based?

    While we are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are an online store. As such we do not have a physical Store for “Collection” as yet. We are still in our developing stages of business and I’m sure a collection option will be looked into in the future. As for now though, we are merely distributors for several suppliers around the country. We, therefore, offer the COURIER of your order at no additional cost, directly to your door (to all major city centers – outlying areas may incur additional charges).

  • Where are your products sourced from?

    Where ever possible, we support local industry, South African companies who manufacture products within South Africa.
    By supporting local industry, we not only help grow our economy, but also reduce fluctuating prices that occur with imported goods.

    Where local produce isn’t available, we work hand in hand with the local representatives of international brands.

    Keeping things local means better customer support and increased peace of mind for our clients due to no costly international phone calls, import duties or return issues.

  • What is the Ordering Process?

    Due to the extensive range of vehicles on the road, it is impossible to have stock on hand of each and every variation of accessory for each make and model of vehicle. As a result, our suppliers make an effort to have the faster-moving items in stock. However, generally, they would need to manufacture each item to order. Because each order is manufactured specifically for you, we require payment in full prior to processing your order.

    Each order, on average, can take up to 9 working days to manufacture.

    Shipping (provided by “The Courier Guy”) takes 2-3 working days from our collection request to your receiving your product.

    View the comprehensive video below for more information on the process of placing an order.

  • What Material are your Body Kits made of?

    All our body kits and spoilers, unless otherwise specified, are manufactured from the highest quality Fibreglass molds and carry a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against any manufacturing defects.
    (Damage caused by collision or incorrect fitment are not covered by the warranty). Our body kits are either unique, original designs or replicas. We in no way or means imply or claim that our kits are “Original OEM” products.

    Why Fibreglass?

    Fibreglass is low cost to manufacture and low cost to repair in the event of an accident in comparison to plastic bumpers and spoilers, which are extremely expensive to manufacture and cannot be repaired once torn or cracked, but instead need to be replaced.
    Our Fibreglass products are manufactured with 2-3 layers of fibreglass. This ensures adequate strength while still light and flexible …  minimizing cracking when lightly bumped.

  • Can I arrange "Local Pickup"?

    While we are based in Johannesburg, we are purely an online store and don’t have a central outlet due to the fact that many of our products are shipped directly from our Manufacturers (at several locations around South Africa) to your door.
    We regret that “pick up” facilities aren’t yet available, but it may be something we will look into as the demand grows.

  • Do I need a panelbeater to fit my kit?

    We recommend using a professional panelbeater for the fitment of your kit. Our Fibreglass body kits are molded to fit quite tightly onto your vehicle. While we strive to produce the best possible quality fibreglass kits on the market, it is important to understand that fibreglass kits, while manufactured in a mold, are hand finished. As a result of hand finishing, minor adjustments may be required to ensure a perfect fit.

    We recommend testing the fit of your kit prior to spray painting it, in order to avoid any unnecessary labour or expense at having to respray the kit again if adjustments are needed.

  • Product Pricing?

    All pricing listed on the online store includes shipping to all major city centers nationwide (within South Africa Only). Additional shipping charges may be charged prior to shipping for outlying areas.

    We strive to ensure that all pricing listed on the website is up to date and accurate. However, on occasion pricing may need to be corrected due to an oversight or increase in the cost of Raw materials due to the fluctuating Rand.

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

  • How long will it take to process my order?

    Depending on what you have ordered and how busy the factory is at the time, it can take up to 9 working days to manufacture (from receipt of payment) and then a further 2-3 working days to courier via “The Courier Guy” (No Additional Courier Fee for deliveries to any major city center nationwide)

  • What are your Payment Options?

    EFT PAYMENT (Electronic Fund Transfer) – Banking details are provided at checkout for the related order payment. Please use the initials “CBK” and your Order Number as a payment reference. i.e “CBK#854”

    CREDIT CARD PAYMENT – 3D Secure payment gateway powered by Yoco

    Payment via either of the methods above are welcome . . . it’s completely up to you and which you feel comfortable with.

  • What is your Refund Policy?

    Due to the fact that we manufacture each kit to order, the responsibility lies with the client to ensure that the kit ordered is in fact the correct item for their vehicle model.

    Items will not be refunded for incorrect orders.

    A replacement product will be issued in the event of product defects relating to the manufacturing process. This said, Fibreglass items are handmade and are not of the same level of quality as the IBS Plastic molded products. Therefore, refunds will be handled on a fair, but case by case basis. . . defective products will be inspected prior to a replacement/refund being issued. Should there be no issue found with the product, the client will be liable for all related courier charges in order to have the item/s returned to them.

    Refunds can also be issued for non-delivery of items within 20 working days should the client wish to cancel the order. In all other cases, orders cannot be cancelled once the manufacturing process has commenced.

    All said and done . . . we are human . . .so if there is an issue, please contact us and we’ll see how we can assist your situation.

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